Response to Mask Mandate

Cornerstone Chapel’s response to Ohio's Mask Mandate

·  We are asking all those who attend onsite to follow the states’s order to wear a mask as the Lord and your conscience guides you(extra masks available at our Info Center)

·  We will stay in our lane as a church to share the order, but it is not our role as a church to police who is wearing a mask and who isn’t

·  We will not tell or ask people to put on a mask, we will not require a mask in order to enter our facility, nor will we turn anyone away who cannot or chooses not to wear a mask

·  We want to err on the side of treating everyone with dignity and respect, trusting everyone’s personal decision, and trusting God through this process

·  We will continue to stay laser focused on our mission to make disciples, and not become side-tracked on all the distractions, debates and differences in our world today


We look forward to you joining us for church this weekend onsite or online


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