Video from March 17, 2020


Dear Church family,                                                                                               March 13,2020


Cornerstone Chapel is committed to supporting the health of our church and community during this emerging health situation related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). 


Because the church is all about people, and everything we do, revolves around gathering together, our leadership team is being very proactive to staying updated, and attaining wise counsel pertaining to this evolving pandemic.  We absolutely want to move forward, having a balanced approach between being wise amidst the concerns, and at the same time, walking in faith and not fear.


With that said, we want you to know our current update:


Cornerstone Chapel will be cancelling all scheduled services, events, and gatherings, no matter what the size, for 1 week starting now, Friday March 13 – Friday March 20.  Even though Ohio Governor Mike DeWine’s ban on mass gatherings of over 100, exempts religious institutions, we still want to follow this recommendation so our church can join with the Medina community at large, to do its part in stopping the potential spread of this virus. 


If you call Cornerstone Chapel your home, here is what we are encouraging you to do to stay connected:


1) Join us for service online this Sunday March 15, at, as we will be live streaming our entire 11am service as we always do every week.  I encourage you to not multi-task during this time, but really join in and participate in the service as we worship and continue in WK 7 of our Ephesians series.


2) For all our small groups that meet outside the church, we encourage you to still stay connected with your group this week.


3) For all our small groups that meet at church, we are providing an online option, Wednesday March 18, at 7pm, via Zoom Call, to go through WK 7 of our Ephesians series.


4) There will be no Revolve Kids (1st-5th) grade groups meeting. However, Revolve Youth (6th-12th grade) can connect with us at 7pm on Instagram Live @rvlvyouth.


5) You can give your tithes and offerings 2 ways:

            a) Online at

            b) Text giveCC to 84576


6) Our church staff and leadership are still available during this week to serve you.  If you need to contact our church for any reason, nothing has changed, as you can call us at 330.723.3334, or email us at


7) Lastly, even though we’re not gathering physically this week, let’s continue to be a church that’s living out our mission to Love God, Build People and Make a Difference. With the reality of the Coronavirus, also comes opportunities for us to speak hope, minister to others, love people, and share with those in need. We are in communication with our partners Cups Café and Akron Dream Center to see how we can help during this time. Keep connected by visiting and click on the “Updates Link.” This will have the most up to date information. You can also follow us on Facebook or Instagram cornerstonechapelmedina.


We love our church family and our community and want only to do exactly what God is calling us to do.  We will continue to closely monitor this situation, make decisions collaboratively, and keep you updated. 



Live Wise – Don’t Fear!!!

Pastor Mark

Cornerstone Chapel



Cornerstone Chapel Medina OH – WELCOME BACK!!!

Wednesday May 20, 2020


Dear Cornerstone Chapel Family,                                               


We look forward to being reunited with our church family and worshiping together on site! We have been diligently following the Federal, State and Local recommendations throughout the pandemic and will continue to monitor new jurisdiction regarding reopening procedures. It has been our heart throughout this entire COVID-19 pandemic to make decisions that are best for our church family and community. It has been our protocol to regularly seek wise council, remain compliant to our authorities, and process information often and collaboratively with our church leaders. After much prayer and consideration, our leadership team at Cornerstone Chapel is unanimously in favor of resuming our onsite Sunday AM worship services on Sunday June 7, 2020.


We are fully aware that our world is not completely back to normal. However, we are absolutely committed to re-engaging in the vision and mission the Lord has given us and making necessary adjustments in order to move forward given our current landscape. We believe that God is not calling us to live in fear, but to be wise and sensitive to the present concerns. This is why we know it is time to be back onsite, in a safe, gradual, 3 phase process (see chart below), congruent with suggested guidelines.


Even though it is our hope that everyone who calls Cornerstone Chapel their home will be eager to resume Biblical fellowship onsite, we know the timeline will be different for everyone. With that said, we ask that you prayerfully decide when it is appropriate for you and your family to join us in service and be mindful of any health concerns. If you are considered a “high risk” individual or interact with “high risk” individuals regularly, then we encourage you to not feel obligated to come back now but continue to join us online until you feel it is safe for you to return.


Here is what you can expect from us:

  • God honoring worship, relevant Bible teaching, and Spirit led ministry, in a friendly, loving, life-giving atmosphere!

  • 9 & 11am onsite Sunday Services.

  • We will temporarily not be providing NextGen Sunday classes, Café and Coffee Stations during Phase 1. However, after worship, our NextGen team will host Revolve Kids Time, which will be a brief, fun Bible lesson in the Sanctuary for all our kids & families right before the message. We will also continue to provide all of our NextGen resources on our website.

  • Online Sunday Services at 11am & 7pm on, YouTube, Facebook.

  • A safe, clean and sanitized facility. Hand Sanitizer stations will be setup throughout the Foyer for convenient use. We will also be cleaning commonly accessed surfaces (doorknobs, counters, etc.) between services.

  • The chairs in the Sanctuary will be reconfigured to adhere to physical distancing parameters. We will also plan for additional overflow seating in other parts of the facility should our attendance in the Sanctuary exceed desired capacities.

  • To remain as “touchless” as possible, offering baskets will not be passed, but available after service as you exit. Pens and bulletins will not be provided, please bring your own notebook and pen for taking notes. Sermon Notes will be available on the YouVersion Bible app.

  • We will not encourage intermediate greeting in the Sanctuary between worship and the message to avoid contact.

  • As has always been our standard, Communion will be prepared sanitarily and continued to be observed on 1st Sundays of every month.

  • Our Welcome & Prayer Teams will be wearing masks. For everyone else, we will not mandate or provide masks. If you feel inclined, you are welcome to bring or wear your own.



Here is what we ask of you:

  • Come hungry for worship, the Word, and fellowship, with attitudes of generosity, servitude, and joy!

  • Honor 6’ physical distancing guidelines with those outside your family.

  • Refrain from greeting others by contact (no hugs or handshakes for now).

  • Wash your hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer, especially after touching frequently used items or surfaces.

  • Sneeze or cough into a tissue, or the inside of your elbow.

  • If you, or anyone in your family, has any symptoms of sickness, please stay home and join us online.


I am so proud of the Cornerstone Chapel church family for how we have and are walking through this pandemic. As we reopen, remember that this is a gradual process which means some things will be different than what we’re used to, or even feel awkward because it’s not the norm. But God is in control! Cornerstone, you have stepped up to “be the church” during this time, so let’s not allow any changes to distract us from this, but let’s continue to be the church God has called us to be. If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns, please let us know.


Welcoming You Back,

Pastor Mark


(330) 723 3334


3939 Granger Rd.

Medina, OH 44256

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